Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Work Bio...

I had to turn in a bio for work (well, some people at work had to turn in a bio so I volunteered to turn one in for myself as well) so I thought I would pass it on. It also provides some of you with a better idea of who I am....and it helps me continue my "New Post every 3 months" phase. So here it is:

, BA, PhD*, MDiv*, MD*, DDS*

Bobby joined the Urschel Recovery Science Institute in June right after a trip to South America where he discovered the existence of three new animal species. He graduated from Baylor University in 3 semesters but stayed for 4 1/2 years to take extra coursework. Since his graduation from high school in 2000 he has been a part of various charities, non-profit foundations, and served on the board of President George W. Bush's Faith-Based and Community Initiatives program.

Bobby is our resident family relationship expert as he has been observing his own family soon after his birth. A radical defender of health and human services, Bobby is known internationally for his New York Times bestselling novel, "Just Hold The Door For People, Alright?". He has a wealth of medical experience and has been involved on the cutting edge of breakthrough pharmaceuticals such as Advil, laughter, and band-aids.

Bobby's Native American heritage provides much needed clinical diversity while also meeting our Institute's Affirmative Action requirements. Bobby considers Lance Armstrong, Tiger Woods, and Abraham Lincoln as three of his favorite people to spend time with.

* - degrees pending

Like I said, just a better picture of who I am. Or maybe this is a better picture of who I am....


elizabeth said...

Awesome. Now you just need to post the obituary you wrote. Apparently you're good at made up biographies.

Lauren said...

do you really use that for work?

Tricia said...

So then the song pretty much sums everything up? Impressive.

John said...

"Bobby is our resident family relationship expert as he has been observing his own family soon after his birth." -Favorite

Can i get an autographed copy of your book, please? You can consider it a wedding present.